23 Mystical Fairy Makeup Ideas to Try This Halloween

Fairies are little magical creatures that spark the imagination of everyone and they inspire many Halloween costumes too. We love fairy makeup and costumes because they can be so unique and you can be a flower fairy, forest fairy and more. So, to give you some inspiration, we have found 23 mystical fairy makeup ideas. These are perfect for Halloween and any other events where you want to be a fairy. Some of these are very easy to create so you can try these yourself at home!

1. Cute Flower Fairy Makeup

First up we have this super cute flower fairy makeup. So, the makeup artist has painted her skin purple and the look is complete with pretty eye makeup, a hand-painted crystal headband and floral purple hair. It is a fun makeup and costume idea and it is great for those who like flower fairies.

Cute Flower Fairy Makeup

Source: @belemip

2. Glitter and Flower Eye Makeup

There are a lot of different ways to create fairy makeup and this one focuses on the eyes. As you can see, the artist has created stunning eyes with vibrant purple eyeliner. While the upper eye near the eyebrow is covered in flowers and glitter. It is a gorgeous and unique look. Wear makeup like this with a cute wig and fairy ears and you will have one amazing costume.

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3. Soft Fairy Makeup

This next makeup idea is soft, pretty and magical. The makeup is kept quite simple with one warm tone used on the eyes with a color matched shade on the lips. This fairy look is complete with small dots under the eyes, a pastel wig and flower crown. Something like this is easy to create and wear. It is a great last minute makeup idea too.

Soft Fairy Makeup

Source: @yasminelgrin

4. Red Fairy

You can also base your fairy makeup and costume on your favorite color. For example, here we have a red fairy. She has a red dress, red hair and light red eye makeup with super big false eyelashes. This is such a fun and bold look. Recreate the red look or choose a different colored fairy. A fairy like this but in a purple shade will look amazing.

Red Fairy Costume and Makeup Idea

Source: @theindieeye

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5. Beautiful Purple Makeup Idea

Speaking of purple, next we have a beautiful purple fairy look to show you. She has amazing purple eyes with glitter and her face is decorated with dots. This is a fun, bright and pretty idea. You can try a similar look or try the makeup in different colors. If you do go with the purple look, you could even wear a purple dress so you look like a cute purple fairy.

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6. Pastel Makeup Idea

If you are looking for a simpler makeup look, then this is for you. Here we have pretty pastel makeup. This makeup features nude and glossy lips. While her eyes are pastel purple on the lower lash line with soft pink tones on the upper eye. It is a fun and easy to wear look. Pair with a flower crown and some fairy ears and you will have one cool costume.

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